Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blue Mormon

Blue Mormon Papilio polymnestor Cramer.

Life Cycle of Blue Mormon Butterfly
Life Cycle of Blue Mormon Butterfly
Wingspan:120 - 150 mm.
A large black and blue butterfly with red spots at the base of its wing. One of the second largest butterflies in South India. Very common in forests, midland and coastal area. 
Blue Mormon Butterfly -  Papilio polymnestor Cramer.
 Blue Mormon Butterfly
Regular visitor of flowers of Clearodendron sp, Mussanda sp. and Ixora etc which have long corolla tubes.. Male likes sunshine and females are shadow dwellers. 

Blue Mormon Butterfly Mudpuddling
Males like mud puddling along with other butterflies. It also basks in shady pathways with its wings spread flat. A common butterfly in cities also because of the abundance of the larva host plants and flowers for nectar.

Egg of Blue Mormon Butterfly - Ready to hatch
Blue Mormon Butterfly Egg - ready to hatch

The eggs are laid on the upper surface of the leaves or on tender shoots. The eggs are spherical and light green when in fresh, later turning orange yellow.
Caterpillar of Blue Mormon Butterfly
Caterpillar of Blue Mormon Butterfly
 The caterpillars are very similar to the Common Mormon.
Pupa of Blue Mormon Butterfly
Pupa of Blue Mormon Butterfly 
Larva host plants: Citrus sp., Atalantia racemosa, A. wightii, Glycosmis arborea etc.

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