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Southern Birdwing - Troides minos Cramer

Southern birdwing butterfly with a wingspan of 140 – 190 mm is the largest of southern Indian butterflies. Female of this species is larger than male but is less beautiful; a series of large triangular spots on the yellow areas of the hind-wings which lack in the male helps distinguish males and females. Males are bright black and golden yellow.

Southern Birdwing Butterfly

A regular visitor of home gardens; fond of nectar from Mussanda, Lantana and Ixora sp. Etc. Usually common in monsoon and post monsoon seasons and sharing a varied of habitats from forests to coastal areas.

Southen Birdwing Female
Southen Birdwing Female

 Eggs are dark orange in color and are laid on the leaves and tender shoots of the Aristolochia plants.  Aristolochia indica, A. tagla and Thottea siliquosa.

Southern birdwing butterfly egg
Southern birdwing butterfly egg

Egg of Southern Birdwing Butterfly


Southern birdwing butterfly is a strong flier and it flies high above tree tops in the forests. It flies in a leisurely manner, circling and sailing over the plants.


It starts flying very early in the morning. Is very fond of nectar and readily visits Mussanda, Lantana and Ixora sp. Etc.


Southern birdwing caterpillar is similar to that of Common Rose and is velvety maroon – red with a shiny black head.

Caterpillar of Southern Birdwing Butterfly


Pupa of southern birdwing is also similar to that of common rose butterfly. It is pale brown or green and is marked with fine brown striations and minute markings.

Pupa of Southern Birdwing Butterfly
Pupa of Southern Birdwing Butterfly

Larval Host Plants

Aristolochia indica, Aristolochia tagala, Thottea siliquosa.

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