Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Butterly Garden

sinu s kumar
Sinu S Kumar

Being habitual of getting up early in the morning to go for a jog, and being the nature lover that I am, I usually take a few minutes to admire nature in all it’s glory with the majestic towering trees, the lovely and bright flowers, the chirpy birds and pretty butterflies on them.

Butterflies are fascinating creatures, and I do love them. Wildlife photography being my hobby I’ve seen a lot of butterflies in their natural habitat and with much difficulty managed to photograph some.

Well u can’t blame the butterflies for not co-operating; its just that they are not accustomed to people!!!

I have often tried to capture this beauty with my camera and been successful many a times; And they always took me back to the time when as a kid I wanted to capture this beauty in a very different way…in a glass bottle ! All grown up and hopefully matured too…now these delicate and graceful little souls hold more fascination than the ladies of Bollywood in all their myriad colors and hues and blink-n-u-miss appearances…!

And yes, my friends do snub me bout running after them often…so one day I shot back at them saying I don’t run after butterflies all the time…they just come to me naturally!! Well I guess now you know how the idea of a butterfly garden at my house germinated…

So exactly how do u woo butterflies? With lots of flowers….and chocolates? Nah, just flowers for the real butterflies I think…Hmm…I need to do some serious research on this I think…!!

So... lemme first find out more about the butterflies.....

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