Sunday, July 02, 2006

Garden Pond

A view of the pond which i constructed in my garden. Every garden, no matter how small should have a pond in it, creating an artificial pond is actually easier than you think. This one was made by creating the required shape, in this case a parabolic shape was made in the sand, then we put some red earth and beat it with a weight to set. After that we placed a wire mesh 1" square metal net cut to shape and poured concrete mixture, allowed it to set. later we added rocks on to the sides with cement to give it the look of a natural pond. Blue water lilly along with some other water plants was introduced to the pond.

Even though its a very small pond it suddenly creates a micro environment complete with frogs, dragonflies and many other insects which would otherwise not be there. It also helps maintain the temperature level and humidity in the garden, a very useful thing for the health of plants.

Garden Pond in my Butterfly Garden
Garden Pond in my Butterfly Garden

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